Bowling Tip #41

Make sure your stance is comfortable and will allow you the easiest position from which to start your approach. A comfortable athletic stance includes the knees flexed 4" or so, the spine tilted slightly forward by moving the hips back, and the ball held close to the body with your bowling arm never outside of your bowling shoulder.

Bowling Tip #42

There is a big difference between being in control and being in charge. If you alphabetize your canned goods, you're probably an over-controller. We've all had bosses who were controllers. You felt like no matter what you did the scrutiny would be ominous. You tried to be perfect in everything you did. You checked and rechecked your work to avoid being wrong and you were always uptight when your work was being reviewed.

Bowling Tip #43

If you've ever had a boss who was in charge, you know the difference. Your creative juices would flow, your work output was greater, the quality of your work superior. When the boss reviewed it, the suggestions for improvement, if any, were just that - suggestions, not criticisms. In bowling, if you are controlling, you are uptight and will cause your efforts to fail. You try too hard to be perfect, to look great, to hit your target exactly. And it never works! But, if you are in charge, your approach flows, your swing is free and natural, and your accuracy incredible. Be in charge, not in control!!

Bowling Tip #44

Tucking the pinky of your bowling hand to the first knuckle can cause the ball to hook a little more. When you first try this, it might feel as if you're going to drop the ball. Keep after it. You'll learn to do it and find that it gives you an alternative ball reaction. You might want to wear an adhesive bandage across that knuckle for a while as a callous might develop. Keep in mind this is an adjustment. If your ball is hooking too much or too soon, untuck! You also might want to untuck it on your spare shots.

One caution here about tucking the pinky. With some people, tucking the pinky can put strain on the ring finger. If you try this and notice your ring finger beginning to hurt, either have your pro shop professional shorten the ring finger span very slightly (for instance, by 16ths until the pain stops) or stop tucking. The added hook potential is not worth an injury.

Bowling Tip #45

Opening and closing your shoulder can indeed generate more speed but it certainly can cause some unique problems and complications to your game as well. If you don't get it closed in time, the ball is late in the swing. If you close it too early, you'll pull the ball. It's much easier to just have 'free' swing and one less thing to worry about in your timing mechanisms.