Bowling Tip #16

Always be ready to bowl when it is your turn. If you're not, it disturbs the rhythm and pacing of the game for everyone including those leagues which follow you. It is usually true that the longer in between shots, the more inconsistent you become. A good rule to follow is that when the pins are ready, so are you!

Bowling Tip #17

Hold your position at the line until the ball leaves the pin deck. This does not mean that you should look like the Statue of Liberty but that all of your body is still after you have delivered the ball EXCEPT your bowling arm. It is swinging back and forth and will eventually stop without your help. Several good things happen when you do this:

  • You don't miss any of your great shots because you get to stay at the foul line and watch them.
  • It builds the discipline of keeping your balance at the line and thus helping you make your shots repeatable.
  • If you're falling off your shots, you won't be completing them to the best of your ability because you get too concerned about not falling down and therefore cut your shot off short. Balance at the line is critical to a well-executed and consistent delivery.
  • Pins tend to fall more when they feel your icy stare.

Bowling Tip #18

You will often find a new strike line throwing your 2 pin or your 3 pin shot. Don't ignore your ball reaction in this part of the lane. It could be a real strike mine!

Bowling Tip #19

Throwing a ball that is too light for you is just as hurtful to your game as throwing a ball that is too heavy. A ball which is too light will allow you to do things you shouldn't. A ball which is too heavy will prevent you from doing things you should. I don’t think that ‘10% of your body weight’ thing is valid. I believe that ball weight is determined by athleticism. If I have a 150 lb person who is 5 feet tall and a 150 lb person who is 6 feet tall, I have two very different individuals when it comes to athleticism and strength. 10% might work for one but not the other and no, they don't make 18 lb balls! For kids, some believe that the majority of the population can bowl their age – a seven-pound ball if they are seven years old or an 11-pound ball if they’re 11 years old. Remember there will always be the exception…

Bowling Tip #20

Try to make your approach as smooth and fluid as possible - no roboty moves or herky-jerky looks. Don't walk like you are stepping over rose bushes! You also, however, cannot sacrifice form for results. There are no style points in bowling. It's just easier to do it more consistently if you keep it simple. The more moving parts you have, the more complicated the fix when something goes wrong.