Bowling Tip #11

A 'tight' shot can mean many things. Most of the time, we feel a shot is tight when the lanes are oily (thus the phrase 'the lanes are tight'). Actually, a shot is tight whenever you feel you don't have much room for error. When faced with this feeling or perception, try moving your bowling shoulder about 2-3 forward; not both shoulders, not your body, not the ball in your stance - just your bowling shoulder. This will help you keep the ball on line and avoid leaking it further right than you intended and is not enough of a shoulder-closed position to cause you to pull the ball.

Bowling Tip #12

To really improve your consistency, try this: close your eyes after your second step. Once you close your eyes the imprint on your mind will be of whatever you saw last - in other words, your target! It becomes your whole focus and you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to hit it. After you've let the ball go, open your eyes. You'll see the ball roll right over that target. When you are used to the feeling of closing your eyes and you accept you're not going to step off the edge of the flat earth, you'll be able to concentrate on other things. You can really FEEL your armswing or release or cadence or slide or power step or whatever you have chosen to concentrate on for that shot. A very eye-closing experience!

Bowling Tip #13

Always pick up your ball from the ball return with both hands. Picking up your ball using your grip holes fatigues the hand unnecessarily and can cause excessive swelling.

Bowling Tip #14

The difficult skills needed for bowling must be acquired through learning and continued practice over a long period of time. The mechanics of the sport are complex and diverse. Dedicated players will find they peak after several years and often find they are still improving after their "prime" athletic years. That's why bowling is truly a lifetime sport.

Bowling Tip #15

Solid 8 pins, ringing 10 pins, and swishing 7-10's are just as much a part of the game as Brooklyn strikes, messenger pins or rolling the bucket for a strike. Don't get crazy over it! Over the long haul the player who makes the best shots will win. It's just that the 'long haul' is not always a league night...