Bowling Tip #6

If you're one of those folks who bend your elbow too early in the follow through or would like to project the ball further down the lane on certain conditions, try this. Hold your arm down by your side. You'll see a crease on the inside of your elbow where the elbow bends. Think of leading the shot (your hand and ball) with this part of your elbow. You cannot biomechanically do this, of course, unless your elbow bends the opposite way of everyone else's! What's important is that you think lead with your elbow. Just feel like you are trying to have this crease of your elbow leading your hand toward the target. It will be very difficult to bend your elbow if the crease is going toward the target!

Bowling Tip #7

Once you've found your strike line, don't line up for your perfect strike shot. You're not perfect, why line up like you are? Try moving one board left with your feet. Yes, I really mean it. Line up left of perfect. That way you'll have room to be a little light and maybe even miss slightly right. Either way you're probably still in the hole and if you don't carry, have most likely left yourself a makeable spare.

Bowling Tip #8

When does the ball begin its motion? At the same time as your first step? Just before? Just after? If you get to the foul line leveraged and in balance and can deliver the ball the way you want, it doesn't matter how you start. What matters is that you KNOW how you start since that is what enables you to have such a good finish. Things that are wrong at the foul line seldom go wrong at the foul line. Something in your delivery process causes it to be wrong at the foul line. Start at the beginning to fix it. This is true regardless of where it FEELS like it went wrong. Something wrong in the middle of your approach is usually compensating for whatever was wrong in the beginning. Get a bad start and you spend the rest of the approach trying to make up for it.

Bowling Tip #9

Your first step is the most important one you take. Don't ignore it or take it for granted. Learn exactly what you do with this first step. When you get in trouble or don't feel quite right, start here with your fix-it methodology. Perhaps you slide it and you've started being a little more heel-toe than normal. Maybe you are normally heel-toe but you've inexplicably started being much more heel-toe. Maybe you've unconsciously shortened it or lengthened it. Whatever the case, if you know what it does and what it feels like when it's right, you'll be able to fix it when it's wrong.

Bowling Tip #10

You won't believe this tip but it works for a lot of different folks. If you're not sliding as much as you'd like and you are sure it's not the approaches or your shoes that are the problem, tighten the entire lace on your sliding shoe. If you're sliding too much, loosen it!