Shhh! It's a Secret #8

A bowling tip for playing deep without getting a nosebleed!

If the line you are playing inside is fairly tight, meaning you can't miss left and you can't miss right, you could use the following variation. Open your stance and hips very slightly. Feel like you are pointing your navel toward the 3 pin (for right-handers). Now, point your upper body toward the 2 pin without moving your lower body. This may sound like you are torqueing at the waist but for shots where you need to be on 19 at the arrows and go no further right than 17 for instance, it works. You wouldn't be playing this shot if you had a better carry angle from somewhere else, so 15 must be out of bounds. Having your upper body feel square to the pins will eliminate from 15 to the outside. By eliminate I mean this stance gives you the feeling that from 15 out doesn't exist and you're not tempted to leak the ball to the out-of-bounds. Your hips being slightly open will take away the temptation to miss to the inside.

It is absolutely amazing how accurate you can be and how the need to stand far left is eliminated when playing deep and using this method of targeting. It may even work for you when playing down the boards although I have not seen it be as effective as when playing inside. It will help keep your armswing in line and the ball close to your ankle (never a bad idea!). This method is also very effective for cross-lane spare shooting.

Keep your target in the middle of your body with your eyes throughout your approach. After all, if it doesn't work, what's going to happen? You'll miss left or miss right. You're already doing that...