Shhh! It's a Secret #4

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You can never ignore what the heads are doing. When targeting far down the lane, for instance, you must know what is happening to your ball in the heads even if you don't see it. How? By knowing where the ball came from (the angle from which your ball hit your target).

Let's say that your target is the 10th board at the arrows going in the same direction as the arrow. This would mean that your intention is to hit 10 and go no further out than 10. If you are looking at 10 at the arrows and your ball crosses it going left to right, you haven't hit 10 the way you intended and therefore you didn't get through the heads the way you intended. After all, you can't send the ball left to right through the heads and then when the ball gets to the second arrow, it all of a sudden straightens out and starts going in the same direction as the arrow!

If it hits 10 and is already going toward the pocket, you're probably slightly outside of where you intended to be through the heads. So, you see it isn't THAT you hit your target; it's HOW you hit it. You must have a plan of what direction you want the ball to be going when it hits your target. This is true regardless of where you are targeting. The goal is not just to hit the target. It's what direction you want the ball to be going when it hits that target that is essential to the success of the shot.

If you target the arrows, you might be thinking you can't possibly know where the ball was before it got to the arrows since you are not looking there. But you can. Pay attention to how the ball crossed your target and you'll know where it came from to do so. This may take some getting used to. It is, however, information you cannot do without. It stops that "I hit my target. Why did the ball go there?" confusion.