Clinics Are Helpful, Mothers Agree!

Lessons, Clinics, and Personal Appearances

If you would like to schedule a lesson or a clinic, just call or email me. Private lessons are available at a rate of $75 per hour in my area and $100 an hour if I get to travel to you.

Spare Necessities is a clinic on (what else?) spare shooting. Providing you with the whys and wherefores of a) having a spare shooting philosophy and b) having a spare shooting system that works everywhere you go. How cool is that?

Whoever Finds It First, Wins is a clinic on getting lined up faster. The most oft asked question I get concerns reading lanes. Here is a Six Shot System™ for getting that done before the other guy.  

It's More Fun If You Do It On Purpose is a clinic on how to get to the foul line the same way twice. Improving your timing and flow gives the pins indigestion.  

The Art of Lane Play  comes in two flavors – a two hour clinic and an all day seminar. It focuses on lanes and how to play them. The all day affair includes an afternoon on the PBA Experience patterns as well as other very tough oil configurations. We'll prepare to shoot them, shoot them, see how different styles break them down, and have a fun post-mortem on how we did.  

I Can't Believe I Get Paid For This is a clinic for coaches. Learn how to live your dream and make money coaching. Includes marketing tips, advice and a wealth of ideas and materials. This clinic is a map of where the holes covered with sticks and leaves are so you don't fall in. I did all the dirty work for you!


Speaking Gigs

I have been a guest speaker at banquets and other functions from Colorado to Indiana to Texas. References available if you'd like. A lot of knowledge sautéed in humor is very entertaining. It makes the rubber chicken very palatable, actually!


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